What do I do when I get a re-auth email?

Sometimes Boostgram pushes Instagram's daily limits. This is 100% safe and will never jeopardize your account.

Click the reauthorize button, then request a verification code by text or email. Once you receive the code you will be prompted to enter it in your dashboard.

If your reauthorization is not accepted, please see the Reauthorization Troubleshooting article.

Additionally, here are a couple tips to let you have to re-auth emails less often:

  • After you verify your account, make sure to wait 12 hours before you start Boostgram again (your account should show as Status - PAUSED). This will allow for Instagram's daily limit to reset on your account.
  • When you start Boostgram back up, put it on Slow speed for a day or two before increasing higher.